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We’re so glad you’re planning a trip to MoMu! Established in 2022, the MOOP Museum appears in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert each August at Burning Man. The museum is open 24 hours daily, and you’re always welcome to peruse the exhibit.

Sometimes we also bring a mini version of our museum to regional events.

What’s On

Rotating Exhibit

MoMu features a curated display of the finest, museum-caliber MOOP around. Our exhibit is always morphing. MOOP collectors bring us their finds for appraisal and intake into our collection. With small exceptions, everything on the walls is available for permanent loan if patrons see something they’d like to take home with them.

Permanent Exhibit

A few select, high-value MOOP items are part of our permanent collection and not available for loan. Our permanent exhibit also includes educational elements and a spoken-word MOOP receptacle, where patrons can safely dispose of toxic verbal MOOP to prevent it from contaminating the playa.


Our handcrafted, high-quality gift shop items are guaranteed to be made with MOOP or your money back. We hope you’ll find something you like to take as a souvenir of your visit.

What’s MOOP?

MOOP, which stands for “matter out of place,” is Burning Man lingo for anything in a spot it’s not supposed to be. It includes what you’d think of as litter, plus lost and forgotten items that can be super cool and easily loved by someone else. The latter is what you’ll find on display at MoMu.

What People Are Saying

“F*ing hilar.”

“A collection close to my heart.”

“They took my fun MOOP and redistributed it to the masses!”

“I enjoyed the red tape.”

“Very welcoming.”

“I really appreciate the spotlight it puts on MOOP.”

“These guys are totally hilarious.”

“A great demonstration of how a small camp can provide interactivity.”

- BRC Weekly, 2022